Automatic Billing Software for Startup business

Dealing with your startup’s invoicing, billing can be a tedious task. Switching among bodily checks, paper invoices, different online portals isn’t always easy and is time-consuming, and to top it all makes you extra liable to errors and delay in fees.

Incorporating an online billing software compliant with GST into your accounting process can help you digitize your accounting and save time and overhead expenses. Many businesses have adopted online software that ensures that their accounting processes run efficiently and smoothly.

The function of the automatic generation of bills is perhaps the best advantage of online billing software. It saves a lot of time every week. It also helps in avoiding invoicing each time, generates bills on the date fixed automatically, and can also send a reminder to your customers for timely payment of dues. 

  • By using your normal software in cahoots with billing software you can keep your books up to date and avoid data entry errors and thereby simplifying reconciliations. Online billing software can help your entire business go paperless by helping you not rely on physical bills and invoices. It is very easy to connect your bank details, debit, or credit card to your billing software and to generate an invoice and accept payment. 
  • Mobility is another feature that would help your start up business. Because all the details including the client’s details, product details, invoicing rates are all stored in the cloud which can be easily accessed from anywhere. You will always be virtually connected to your business at all times and from everywhere. This is all the more important for business leaders who are traveling quite frequently.
  • New startups generally face difficulty in organizing their costs and revenues may be on account of lack of funds or business expertise. An online building software helps by centralizing all receipts and payments in one place which thus allows you to streamline your business financial activities and behave like a digital cabinet for your business records.

Bix42 is an online billing app and software for multiple services like Cable tv, Newspaper, Rent, Gym, Laundry, Internet service Provider, retail business, water delivery, Tiffin services. You can record all your transactions and manage them. The app is suited to meet all your business requirements, store all client’s details securely, and present them in a coherent manner.
The bills get generated automatically on the date fixed and can be sent to your customers digitally. It helps in minimizing errors in invoicing. You can even send reminders to your customers for timely payment of their dues. Bix42 bridges the gap between you and your customers. The app is available in multiple languages such as English, Hindi. Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, and many more.

Automatic Billing Software for Startup business
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