What is BIX42 Billing App ?

A GST compliant billing app suited to meet your business requirements, maintains and handles record of each transaction and manages expenses. Not receiving payments from customers? Tired of door visits for collecting payments? Looking to reduce paperwork, bookkeeping time and all the hassle in between? Not able to track payments from customers every month? Bix42 […]

How to create GST bills?

Goods And Services Tax brought in by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which he believed would  just like Sardar patel made the political integration of India possible GST would ensure economic integration of India. He said that it would ensure one nation one tax and that it would consume less time and cost. GST’s invoicing is […]

How to make your Cable business – A Smart Business ?

Is there really a smart way to do business? Let’s read this article and get some tips on making your cable business, a smart business. Operating a Cable tv business can be overwhelming sometimes, from managing day to day activities you may lose track of your overhead expenses which when controlled could help you create […]

4th Foundation Day

On this Day 11 January 2021.It’s been four years since our Bix42 App. We want to thank all our Users, Employees, and Partners who have faith and trust in us.We have started this Journey of Revolutionizing the lives of small-medium businesses by first getting App for Newspaper Vendors and Distributors, in Rajasthan.With the span of […]

Importance of billing software for cable tv business

Billing systems assist in automating the time-consuming procedure like Bill Generation or Invoicing, Customer Management, Payment Reminder, Collection Agent App, Customer Complaint Management, Documentation etc. They ease the tedious task of the business owners so that they can invest their time and efforts in expanding the business and not spend time writing bills and managing inventory. Billing Softwares are a must have […]

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