Newspaper vendors, the phantom superheroes working into the depth of the night, have life stories far more interesting than those we read with our morning coffee – stories that the same vendors diligently bring to us, come rain or shine. Their days begin a little past midnight and their careers spread across decades as they sort, sift and serve their ware to the comfort our homes.

Having witnessed the stories of their incredible lives first hand, Gaurav Karwa, founder and CEO of Merapaper, set his heart on making a change. Hailing from the Sangaria tehsil in Rajasthan, Karwa grew up in a family of newspaper distributors, one that had been in business for 70 odd years. Started by his grandfather and continued by his journalist father, Karwa’s family business has a customer base of over 2,000 newspaper readers. However, Karwa chose to pursue a life very different from the one he had lived so far. He chose to go for higher studies and graduated with a B.Tech in Electronic Engineering from Bits Pilani in 2012.

Four years after his graduation, as Karwa celebrated his birthday on 8 th November 2016, news of demonetization sent shockwaves across the country. He watched his family struggle to receive payments as cash became a scarcity in a society that was unequipped to adopt digital payment systems. Identifying an opportunity and capitalizing on his training, Karwa put his one true family inheritance – a keen sense of business – to immediate use. He returned to his roots and set to work on developing his brainchild, Merapaper from a mere idea to an actual product.

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