Importance of billing software for cable tv business

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Billing systems assist in automating the time-consuming procedure like Bill Generation or Invoicing, Customer Management, Payment Reminder, Collection Agent App, Customer Complaint Management, Documentation etc. They ease the tedious task of the business owners so that they can invest their time and efforts in expanding the business and not spend time writing bills and managing inventory. Billing Softwares are a must have in this digital era and if you answer “Yes” to any of the question below, this article is for you.

Do you still bill your customers manually?

Do you always worry about making mistakes in the bills?

Are up fed up with the endless bookkeeping?

Do you want to digitise your business like others but are sceptical to do so?

Understand the importance of billing software for your cable business. How to reduce your workload & expand business simultaneously.

Generating Automatic Bills

Billing software is a software designed for the sole purpose of handling billable products and managing invoices. It helps in reducing paperwork, manual labour, eases bookkeeping, helps in following up payments and receipts and helps in getting rid of avoidable menial tasks. Some software also has an option of generating automatic bills and sending the bill directly to your customers. Over the years the billing system has become an essential part of every business, several important decisions regarding business are taken over information which needs to be precise. A billing software does wonder in this regard as it helps in organizing business and in keeping things in order. 


Cashflow is an important aspect in every business, delays in payment of dues, or delay in collection can cause problems in the regular working of the business. There are still many businesses which resort to manual techniques to write invoices, keeping record of daily expenses.  A lot of time is consumed in preparing bills, sending the invoices to customers, then the customers need some time to gather funds for payment,all these  activities make collection of money all the more late and eventually leads to an unbalance in cash flow. .All these can be taken care of by a reliable billing software. 

Digital and at Ease

With the world becoming digitally connected and the ever increasing customer base in the cable industry it is becoming impossible to keep a record of every consumer. Further, managing bills, invoices, keeping track of different offers and specialized discounts of every customer is not an easy task. It often happens that bills of different customers are to be billed on different dates, some pay at the start of month, some at the end, some at a particular date, this sometimes creates confusion and adds a burden on the staff.

Timely Billing and Collection

Delays in sending the bills or not billing them at a particular which is decided also adversely affects the goodwill of your cable business, and they might consider you unprofessional. Perhaps receiving bills at different dates every month might make them consider looking someplace else and this could cost you some of your business. It is very natural that the customers must have opted for different packages and it is quite difficult to prepare bills within a short span of time.Sometimes you might bill them more than their monthly package is, such things might risk the relationship that you share with your customers. Your monthly packages must have different pricing, discounts and tax rates and it is very important to keep all this in mind while preparing bills, a slight mistake could deteriorate the trust of your customers in your cable service.

Bix42 is one such software which could make all these problems go away. 

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Features of Bix42 software billing aaplication
Features of the best billing software currently – Bix42
  • It can be managed and accessed from anywhere. 
  • The billing system maintains and handles records of each customer, and efficiently manages the history of cable TV charges. 
  • It has an option of automatically generating bills on a fixed date decided by the service provider. Not only does it generate bills, you can even send the bill digitally to your customers, and also set and send a reminder to your customers for timely payment of their dues. 
  • Customers will receive SMS on their phone about the amount due and the method by which they can pay the bills. Bix42 bridges the gap between you and your customer. 
  • It helps you record your daily expenditure and download the data for analysing and managing your business. It reduces your paperwork and manual bookkeeping.
  • Bix42 also gives you the option of storing your clients with their chosen packages, its pricing, discounts, tax rates. It saves you the trouble of writing off bills and making mistakes.
  • Sometimes cable businesses employ collection agents and assign them the duty of collection of money of a particular area. They may underreport the money collected and make you suffer losses. Bix42 solves this problem by allowing you to add your collection agents to the software wherein they will have to update daily collection and hence there won’t be any scope of cheating you. 
A walkthrough of the Mobile App of BIX42 giving a Demo in Hindi.

Help or Assistance

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Importance of billing software for cable tv business
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