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Why Bix42 ?

We are here to save your Time, Effort and Money, by creating Automatic Bills and Invoices, and tracking Collections.

Easy setup

One time data entry for customers and products and You're ready to go!


No more carrying your bill-books. Also, No need to create invoices using word/excel everytime.

Social connect

Send Automatic Billing reminders through email, whatsapp, SMS etc. Now, you don't need to go home-to-home for Collection!

Dedicated support

Track the payments received by all the modes Netbanking, Debit Card, UPI, Wallet etc at one place.

About Us

Bix42 is making Distributors and Customers even more connected.​


Billing Software is automated for Distributors.
Customer management, Product Management, Payment Record everything which you need is in your pocket
Bix42 for Business App can be downloaded from here


Customers will be able to Pay all Bills, Order their own favourite Products Newspaper, Magazine etc. We will also help you with Advertisement, and Pamphlet Distribution.

Gaurav Karwa

Gaurav Karwa


B.E(Hons) E&I BITS Pilani

Parth Gupth

Parth Gupth


B.E(Hons) EEE BITS Pilani

Jagdish Ghuge

Jagdish Ghuge





Shiva Gupta

Jhotwara, Jaipur

I am enjoying using Merapaper App, at end of month my bills are generated automatically and messages for payment are send to customers on their mobiles numbers. It saves my time and cost.

Mukesh Saini

Mukesh Saini

Murlipura, Jaipur

Earlier, it takes 10 hours of billing and 85 hours for collection every month but this app makes the billing and payment process digital and automatic. This save time, effort and money.


Mohit Pareek

Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

In next 2-3 months, I’m planning to do maximum of my collection through Merapaper link with BHIM/Paytm.


Collection Simplified

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