Online Collection Simplified businesses

ONLINE COLLECTION: Need for business             We come across a lot of transactions and keeping a note of it is quite difficult for us. So we maintain diaries to record such things and manage our memories but wait a sec, aren’t your pages torn off or get misplaced or you forget to write notes every now […]

How Bix42 helps Newspaper vendors

Newspapers as businesses need a specific billing system suited to its need. You need a system that keeps a perfect record of your customers from the day they subscribe to your Newspaper, helps you bill your customers on a daily basis, and leaves out the day when the newspaper isn’t to be delivered. Bix42 is […]

How to grow Newspaper Business ?

Smart Newspaper business, sure sounds like something complicated doesn’t it? Well let’s uncomplicate it and understand how you can make your Newspaper business smart. Running a Newspaper business can be at some times overbearing, from managing day to day activities you might sometimes lose track of your overhead expenses which when managed properly can increase […]

Working of a Cable TV

How Cable Tv works – Evolution of Television. Ever wondered how a cable TV works? You might not have understood everything you read on the internet. Here’s an attempt to break things down for you in easy and simple terms. If you are new to the cable industry or even just an enthusiast who wants […]

Bix42 for Broadband and ISP business

As a cable TV operator you might from time to time go through some problems like not receiving payments from customers, getting tired of door visits for collecting payments, looking to reduce paperwork, bookkeeping time and all the hassle in between and not being  able to track payments from customers every month. Understand why an […]

Automatic Billing Software for Startup business

Dealing with your startup’s invoicing, billing can be a tedious task. Switching among bodily checks, paper invoices, different online portals isn’t always easy and is time-consuming, and to top it all makes you extra liable to errors and delay in fees. Incorporating an online billing software compliant with GST into your accounting process can help […]

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