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In the summer of 2012 when Gaurav went to his home in a remote town in the Rajasthan He realised that his family owned newspaper agency still functions the old fashioned way . Pay to the Publisher Daily, Collect Goods, Distribute, Prepare bills on month end and Go Collection Door to Door!!. The problem persisted not only in the newspaper business but other business depending on remote payments. The startup scene in India was still in its nascent stage and Gaurav went back to college with quaint thoughts .

He discussed this idea with Parth and Jagdish who also realized the problem.  It was in their Alma Mater that the idea of Merapaper was conecptualised. Fast Forward 5 years,, Gaurav , Parth and Jagdish armed with the knowledge and function of Business and technical world rejoined in late 2017 to start what they had thought during that summer of 2012.

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