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BixApp Society Management App

Housing Association Committee and its role

A housing association is a cooperative society governed by a committee elected by its members to manage residential society. The Board of Housing Association is the governing body that promotes society not only towards a healthy, but efficient and harmonious existence. Whether it’s membership complaints, financial management, or day-to-day operations, the Committee must function like a well-oiled machine to ensure the best possible living conditions for its residents. In general, Elections for housing association members are to be held every five years.

Generally, at each Annual General Meeting of the Association, the General Assembly appoints three directors in his five-year term, and at all times he ensures that there are fifteen board members. An associate member (her second named member on the stock certificate) may also run for election.

Person who cannot stand in Residential Society election-

The reasons for excluding of people from society elections are largely the same in all the states. Any member can be removed from the Board of Directors if;

  • He has payment default
  • He received no profit from the company
  • If he convicted of a crime related to dishonesty or moral defamation (if six years have not passed since he was convicted in Maharashtra)
  • He is not a member of society
  • He did not go through due process before subleasing his house.
  • He is an associate member and does not have the required privileges.

The chairman, treasurer, secretary and property manager of the building may be removed by a motion of impeachment against them. Other members of the Management Board, chaired by the territorial authority (in the case of Maharashtra, the Prime Minister), conduct the session in which such no-confidence motions must be passed. At least one-third of her board members must step down in the Maharashtra housing association. Also, minimum of three-fourths of the committee must approve the motion, and at least two-thirds of the committee must be present.

Maintenance Charges and Funds-

Housing societies may collect funds by issuing shares, Fees on flats transfers, Maintenance charges and donations. Society members split these charges. Some of the common ways to split the charges are-

  • Property charges: according to the area, city and locality.
  • Water charges: Fixed monthly or according to number of residents
  • Parking charges: Fixed or according to number of vehicles.
  • Lift maintenance: Divided equally.
  • Interest on delayed payment
  • Other Service charges: Common electricity charges, payment of salaries, auditor’s fees, etc
  • Expenses on repairs & painting
  • Flat and property Insurance charges

The education fund, bad debts fund or employees’ provident fund share the surplus left. Payments of dividends can also happen. Any leftover Funds may be invested on a short-term basis and on a long-term basis.

How to Start BixApp Residential Society Management Software ?

You just need to install the Application on your mobile phone. Use this link to Install the App –

  • Now, enter your Mobile Number
  • Enter details of you, your society, your business name
  • Create a strong password
  • Now, You are ready to use your own Management App
  • Now, You can Add Tenant, Residents, Customers
  • Add Plans of Rent, Maintenance charges, Water Charges and other monthly charges
  • & here you are ready to move.

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