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BixApp Society & Rent Management system

As a Society Secretary it is always being difficult for you to manage your family, your career and this responsibility of uplifting society for the benefit of all the society members, its residents, its workers and the most important Management Committee. Society Secretary also needed to collect Maintenance cheques and amounts time to time for the betterment of the society and society management. Various Event fees and recurring payments are the key responsibility of the Society Secretary or property manager.

How to manage?

The easiest way to manage your society is by taking help of technology. BPK Softwares offers software and mobile Application for simple and easy to use. You can use BixApp Society & Rent management App to manage your rental Shops, Flats, Villas, Complex and Apartments. BixApp also offers the maintenance collection option. You can also collect rents from the Shopping complexes, Apartments and your tenants.

Features of BixApp Society Management

  1. Automatic Amount Update every month
  2. Automatic Reminder SMS sent every month
  3. Payment Collection Automatic SMS
  4. Desktop Version to see all the reports
  5. Society Expenses Tracking & Management
  6. Monthly Reports are available
    and many more new features about to come!
Install Now to Explore more features

How to start ?

BixApp Society & Rent management app is very easy to start with. You just need to Install BixApp from Google PlayStore. OR You can also Install the App from the given link below-

Then, You just need to mention your mobile number and login in the App directly.
Now, Set up your Profile in just 5 seconds and your own Society Management App is setup successfully.

Congratulations! Now just Add your Tenants, Residents, Society Members and Create their bills and collect payment easily!