BIX42 is the best mobile billing, invoice and payment collection app for businesses like Newspaper agencies, Cable operators , ISP providers, Internet providers, broadband operators, LCOs , LMOs , Milk , Tiffin , Water Delivery and Retail Shops,

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* Prepare eBills of Customers *
* Available for Mobile and Desktop *
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* Collect Payment from Your Customers *
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* Print and Share Invoices using Thermal Printer *
* Expense Management *
* Collection Boy Management *
* Automatic Payment Reminder *
* Custom Invoice format *


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Business App for Billing and payment

In recent times, our world is becoming a digital world. From getting ticket online to paying school fee, from getting tea to purchasing a flight ticket everything becomes automated. Every service and product is becoming easily available. Thus, It emerges the need to become digitally sound and smart in operating the business with the help of a billing software.
All the businesses round the globe are accepting digital payments in exchange of digital bills. Hence, billing software is the need of every business to generate digital invoices and collect online payments.

Important features of a good Billing Software for Business-

1. Automatic Billing-

The automatic billing saves time and efforts of any business which is having recurring billing cycle. Recurring billing cycle means bills which are to be generated every month and sent to customers start of every month. Thus, Bix42 Billing software generates bills automatically every month.

2. Online Payment Link-

India is the country where Online Payments are increasing day by day. Every individual in the market; whether it is buyer or seller, use online payment method to pay. Thus, it is always beneficial to provide a payment link with bill to customers. In order to solve problem of Cash management and coins collection a seller or service provider must give Payment link option to customers.

3. Bills & Collection via SMS / WhatsApp-

Nowadays, Every individual has smartphones in hand. Bills, Invoices and payment receipts can be sent directly to customer on SMS, WhatsApp or Emails. So that the cost of paper, Stationary and time of manual tasks can be saved.

4. Monthly Business Reports-

Estimating monthly, quarterly and yearly profits. Getting monthly reports of bills, payments, profits, balance sheet and other important reports easily on system.

5. Professional Tax Invoice-

It is easier for a business man to make quick and simple Professional tax invoice. You may generate bills and invoices in seconds with just 3 taps in bix42 mobile App & 5 clicks on desktop.

How to Start Bix42 Billing Software for business ?

You just need to install the Application on your mobile phone. Use this link to Install the App –

  • Now, enter your Mobile Number
  • Enter details of you, your society, your business name
  • Create a strong password
  • Now, You are ready to use your own Management App
  • Now, You can Add Tenant, Residents, Customers
  • Add Plans of Rent, Maintenance charges, Water Charges and other monthly charges
  • & here you are ready to move.

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