BIX42 is the best mobile billing, invoice and payment collection app for businesses like Newspaper agencies, Cable operators , ISP providers, Internet providers, broadband operators, LCOs , LMOs , Milk , Tiffin , Water Delivery and Retail Shops,

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* Expense Management *
* Collection Boy Management *
* Automatic Payment Reminder *
* Custom Invoice format *


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Bix42 ISP Billing Software

Bix42 Broadband Billing is the best mobile app for online billing, invoicing and payment for the following business-
Internet billing, ISP Billing, Cable TV billing, Newspaper billing, gym, Tiffin, Water, Rent, Society Management, Fees management. 

With the help of Bix42 internet billing software you can manage your customers easily. Internet Service Providers faces problem in making bills manually or on Excel and sometimes even miss the last bill date.

ISP Billing – Internet Billing Solution

Certainly, The Solution is Bix42 which gives you the option of automatic bill generation of broadband users. You can also share the bills with your customers on WhatsApp and SMS. Internet Billing Software also allows you to manage your customers and their subscriptions easily. Further, saves you the trouble of going over again and again to check the history of every customer.

There are many expenses that a Internet Service Provider incurs day to day, Not only petrol but also food and commission to collection agents.
Bix42 Billing software provides you with an option of recording all your expenses in one place where you can view them systematically and manage them. It gives you precise data about your expenses under different heads to avoid confusion at the end. This reduces your paperwork and bookkeeping costs as well.

Running door to door for collecting money and sometimes returning bare handed is quite frustrating, you can get rid of these problems by using Bix42. You can send the payment links to your customers via App and directly receive the money in your bank account.

Life of Internet wala

Basically, Internet Service Providers employees collection agents and assign them the duty of collection of money of a particular area. They may underreport the money collected and make you suffer losses. Bix42 Billing Software solves this problem by allowing you to add your collection agents to the software. The Agent can update their daily collection and hence there won’t be any scope of cheating you.

In case of any assistance or if a problem arises you can always contact us by pressing on Chat For Help, we are available on call and SMS between 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. We even try to attend to calls even after 7:00 pm. Every query is attended within 12 hours. You can also chat with us on WhatsApp.